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Christina Lasrado
Dr. Christina Lasrado grew up in South India but has lived in the United States for several decades. She attended Michigan State University and graduated with her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 1987. Dr. Lasrado owned and worked in her own day practice in Washington State before moving to Cincinnati to care for her mother. She then worked for a day practice in Cincinnati before coming to KKM in 2015.

Tina comes from a family of doctors and so was expected to become one herself. She has a great affinity for animals and loved the diversity of veterinary medicine so that is the career path she took. Tina’s passion in seeing her veterinary patients is in Internal Medicine. She enjoys the challenge of figuring out what is going on with a pet and then developing a comprehensive treatment plan.

One of her favorite aspects of being a vet is when she develops a successful outcome for a difficult case. It may be only she who is celebrating but the ability to help a pet is priceless to Dr. Lasrado.


When Tina is not at work she enjoys traveling, exploring different destinations around the country, reading and hiking.


She is a member of the AVMA, OVMA, MVMA.

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