COVID Update

Phased Client Re-entry into Exam Rooms

Official Date June 1st, 2021

We appreciate all the patience and support that our clients have given to our clinic over the past year with the pandemic. We are looking forward to a gradual return of our clients in our exam rooms, which we know has been much anticipated. We will continue to have our clients text and call upon their arrival for checking in for appointments. When an exam room and technician are available, we will be allowing one client into the building per appointment. Checking out for the appointment will be done in the exam room, as well. We ask that our clients remain seated during their visit and provide space for our team to provide care to your pet. Our exam rooms are not very large, and we are limiting to one client, for the time being, the exception being 2 people for euthanasias. Our goal is to eliminate congestion in our waiting room and allow our clients the opportunity for face-to-face interactions again.

We are requiring face masks to be worn at all times while in our facility. If you do not wish to wear a facemask, we will continue to provide care for your pet; however, we will ask for you to remain curbside for your visit. We understand that the CDC guidelines have changed and facemasks are not required for fully vaccinated people, however, we are choosing to continue requiring facemasks for now. We understand that many clients are more than ready to be done with facemasks and we can relate to that wish, but for now, they are mandatory. We ask for continued patience with our team as we continue to require facemasks. We have two doctors that have immune-compromised conditions that place them in a higher risk category, should they have exposure to the virus. There is a shortage of veterinarians available to work across the country; therefore, the safety and health of our doctors and our team are critical for us to be able to provide ongoing care and services for our clients. Our team is working through the process of becoming vaccinated, just like our clients and we truly appreciate your continued understanding as we work through the changes and gradually return to normal.

KKM Veterinary Clinic