Digital Ultrasound

At KKM Veterinary Clinic in Franklin, we believe a vet visit should be as easy as possible. We also realize that many of the diagnostic procedures that have been used over the years can be uncomfortable and even frightening to your pet. That is why we get excited when we can use a procedure that is highly effective, yet easy on your pet. This is the case with a pet digital ultrasound.


What is Digital Ultrasound?

Most people are familiar with x-rays. Digital ultrasound is much like that in the sense that it can give the vet a clear picture of what is happening under your pet's skin. The technology uses soundwaves to create these images. A hand-held device that looks much like a hand-held vacuum cleaner is gently run over the area the vet needs a picture of. When the trigger is held, sound waves are emitted. These waves then bounce off of hard material within your pet's body and are absorbed by softer material. The picture that is created can show the veterinarian the condition of your pet’s various bones and organs. By comparing this picture to one of what healthy organs look like, our vet can help get an idea of what is happening inside of your pet’s body.

Why Use Ultrasound?

Digital ultrasound is quiet, making it less scary than other imaging methods. A digital ultrasound also creates a much more detailed picture of your pet’s body. The sound waves are not harmful, as traditional x-ray waves can be. In the end, your pet gets a chance at superior care in a less stressful environment. Everybody wins.

Digital Ultrasound in Franklin

For Franklin residents looking for advanced veterinary care, consider KKM Veterinary Clinic. Our staff is trained in the most modern methods and procedures that can have you and your pet out of our clinic and back to your normal lives without undue stress. Contact us today to meet our staff and see if we are a good fit for all your pet’s health needs. We love meeting new clients and are always happy to add your pet to our growing family of patients. For more information about digital ultrasound or to schedule an appointment, call us at (513) 423-2331.



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