Dog Training

We, currently offer group session dog training classes.
Puppy Preschool - 6 week session classes with a focus on basic commands, common puppy behavioral problems and plenty of time for puppy socialization
Basic Obedience - 6 week session classes with a focus on helping resolve common puppy behavioral problems and a stronger focus on basic commands

Puppy Boot Camp - Classes. Life is busy and sometimes it is hard to be able to fit in the repetition needed for our dogs to really learn new commands and behaviors. Let us help! Your dog can stay with us for the entire day and receive multiple 1-1 training sessions throughout the day to really help enable them to learn the commands. In addition, young puppies will be given the opportunity to have 2 puppy socialization play sessions with other puppies to help them learn safe and healthy interactions with other dogs. At the end of the day, you will have a puppy that is tired out, a little bit smarter and ready to enjoy time with you.  Give us a call today! 

Our dog training is focused on teaching dogs their manners so that they can safely interact in our world and with those around them.  

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