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It Takes an Exotic Veterinarian

Did you know that KKM Veterinary Clinic in Franklin, Ohio, treats exotic pets in addition to the more conventional pets? 

Which Animals Are Considered Exotic Pets?

A number of animals fit into the category of exotic or pocket pets, including rabbits, birds, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, mice, hedgehogs, ferrets, snakes, and other reptiles. There are many special considerations to owning exotic pets, and finding the right care is one of the most important. Some caregivers even specialize as a snake veterinarian or a bird veterinarian.

Do Exotic Pets Need Special Care?

Exotic pets do need special care from both the owner and veterinarian. Not all exotic pets are legal in every state, so first make sure you are within the law when choosing an exotic pet. Before bringing one home, it's important to read about it, actually, see some in person, and have a good understanding of what is required for that particular pet. You may discover that it really would not be a good fit for your lifestyle. Some pets would not be appropriate for inexperienced owners. 

If you do decide to own an exotic pet, here are some species-specific considerations:

For the Owner

Lifespan: Some species can live quite a long time and take a special level of commitment. Parrots, for example, can live up to 70 years. 

Habitat: Can you provide the right kind of habitat for your selected pet? How large a space do they need? 

Lifestyle: Is your animal highly intelligent? Do you know what toys or what kind of attention would stimulate it?

Diet: Do you know the dietary needs of your exotic pet? How about how much and how often to feed it?

Observing problems: Do you know your exotic pet well enough to recognize when it is in distress? Do you know of an exotic veterinarian in your area? 

Boarding issues: Exotic pets are not as easy to board as cats and dogs. Have you prepared a back-up plan?

For the Exotic Veterinarian

Equipment: Each exotic pet requires its own special equipment so that they can be examined and treated safely.

Knowledge of anatomy: All creatures are built differently, and it's necessary to understand body mechanics.

Diet: Each species has unique dietary requirements. 

Medications: The medications that each species can tolerate are very different. 

KKM Veterinary Clinic is the Franklin veterinarian who can provide you with the very best care and guidance for your exotic pet, including routine and urgent care. Our team of six veterinarians is ready to take care of your pet at any time.  

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