Eye Infections

Pets are just as susceptible to eye-related issues as humans are. This includes eye infections. If your pet has been experiencing eye-related problems, our team is here to help. At KKM Veterinary Clinic, we are dedicated to helping pets in and around Franklin live long and healthy lives. We can help you understand the signs of a pet eye infection and how our veterinarians can help. 


Telltale Signs of Pet Eye Infection

Skin Changes in Areas Surrounding the Eye

The skin appearance around the eye of your pet may look different. For example, an infected eyelid may look flaky, dry, or scaly. This may be followed by inflammation, redness, and lots of discomfort to your pet. Blepharospasm, constant blinking, and squinting is also a sign of eye pet infection. Our veterinarians can help make a proper diagnosis of your pet's eye health.

Pawing and Scratching

If your dog or cat is pawing or scratching its eyes frequently, it may be due to an infection. If you observe that your pet is constantly rubbing its eyes, please schedule a consultation with our professional veterinary team as soon as possible. Rough and vigorous Scratching may cause secondary additional if not treated early.


Another symptom of a pet eye infection you should look for is eye discharge. The fluids can have differences in colors and viscosity depending on the underlying cause of the infection. Harmful microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria are the most frequent causes of pet eye infections. A thick mucus-like discharge will characterize bacterial pet eye infection. Sometimes this pus may have a color blend between yellow and green. If your pet is experiencing excessive discharge from its eyes, this may be a sign of a serious health issue occurring and should be treated immediately. 

Veterinary Treatment for Eye Infections

Our veterinarians will prescribe an antibiotic or antiviral medication to eliminate your pet's eye infection. In some cases, an anti-fungal agent may be necessary. Our vets may also prescribe an oral medication. Structural problems of the eyes or tumors may require surgery to correct the problem.

Contact Our Animal Hospital for Pet Eye Care in Franklin

If your notice your pet excessively pawing at its eyes, frequently blinking, or acting aggressive or agitated when someone touches its face, your pet may be suffering from an eye infection. Our veterinarians at KKM Veterinary Clinic in Franklin can provide the testing and treatment your pet needs to maintain its eye and vision health. Our team has the knowledge and experience to handle all sorts of pet eye infections. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your animal or to learn more about how we can help. 

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