Pet Arthritis

Pet arthritis is a common condition that can be painful and uncomfortable for your animal. At KKM Veterinary Clinic in Franklin, OH, our veterinary team diagnoses and treats arthritis in pets. Our goal is to alleviate your pet’s pain and give it a better quality of life.

Pet Arthritis

Causes of Arthritis in Pets

When the body is working properly, cartilage cushions and absorbs the shock of movements. However, with injury, pre-existing conditions, or aging, cartilage wears away. This causes pain and inflammation. In dogs and cats, obesity, a previous fracture, elbow dysplasia, or hip dysplasia can also lead to arthritis.

Additionally, dogs of a larger breed can be predisposed to the condition. In cats, a limb infection may lead to its development. In addition to seeing the condition in the jaws, hips, or knees of cats, the condition is common in the upper and lower back of felines.

Symptoms of Arthritis in Canines

Dogs with arthritis may walk with a limp or tremble. Other indicators are the inability to jump onto a sofa or bed and being irritable because of pain. The animal's level of activity may also decrease.

Signs of Arthritis in Cats

The condition in felines may not be as noticeable as it is in dogs. Some of the signs are the same, however. They include:

  • Less tolerance for being brushed
  • Inability to stretch as usual
  • Changes in posture
  • Loss of appetite
  • Personality changes
  • Level of activity falls
  • Frequency of sleep increases

Our veterinarian may want to examine your cat and see how it moves and walks to determine if it has arthritis.

How Our Animal Hospital Can Help

Our veterinarian will perform physical examination to diagnose your pet. We may also need blood tests and an X-ray to ensure that your pet does not have another condition, such as bone cancer. One treatment for arthritic dogs and cats is non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to control pain and inflammation. Our vet may also suggest other classes of drugs, diet, weight control, and exercises specific to your pet.

You can also help your pet at home. Ease the discomfort your dog or cat experiences by elevating food and water bowls. Give your pet a soft pet bed. Install carpeting on your floors or put down well-anchored rugs to help give your pet footing. If possible, carry your pet up and down stairs or to the car.

Visit Our Animal Hospital in Franklin, OH for Pet Arthritis Treatment

If your pet is showing signs of arthritis, visit our animal hospital. At KKM Veterinary Clinic in Franklin, OH, our team will provide the proper treatment to ease your pet’s pain. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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