Arthritis In Pets

Did you know that pets can suffer from arthritis just like we do? However, it may be harder to notice since they are good at masking their pain. At KKM Veterinary Clinic, our veterinarians in Franklin help pets of all ages with this condition. Let’s learn more about why arthritis is a problem and how we can help.

Pet Arthritis

What Causes Pet Arthritis?

Just like in humans, arthritis is the result of inflammation of the joints. Over time pets can develop joint problems due to injury, age, or genetics. Many dogs and cats will show signs of pain and stiffness in the joints as they age. It can cause a variety of issues with mobility, the inability to jump, and even the inability to walk. Arthritis in pets can also lead to pain and inflammation in other areas of the body because they have a hard time moving around.

Signs of Arthritis In Pets

Some pets with arthritis may experience pain when walking, jumping up or down from a surface, or going up stairs. You may also notice your pet has a reluctance to eat because it might hurt when moving to get food. Sometimes it's hard to identify these arthritis symptoms because pets will try to hide them as much as possible. If you notice your pet is limping and avoiding activity, it may be because of arthritis.

Our Animal Hospital Helps Arthritic Pets

Treatment for pet arthritis can help your pet regain its mobility. Our veterinarians may recommend physical therapy and even a special diet to help keep your pet active. If you notice your pet has arthritis symptoms, make an appointment with our animal hospital right away to see how we can help.

Many times, x-rays are needed to see exactly where the pain is coming from. We can administer pain medication and other treatments as well. At home, you can do your part by providing your pet with comfortable bedding, a soft place to sleep, and a warm blanket. Keeping your pet's nails trimmed will also help prevent injuries.

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At KKM Veterinary Clinic, our pet doctors provide quality veterinary care for animals suffering from a variety of issues, including pet arthritis. Arthritis can be treated and managed with medication, rest, exercise, and joint supplements. We are here to help your furry family member enjoy a happy and healthy life. Call our team today at (513) 423-2331 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.

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