Veterinary Services

KKM Veterinary Clinic in Franklin, OH, provides a variety of services from comprehensive examinations and vaccinations to surgery, dentistry, and illness care. Because we have many veterinarians on staff, we also are able to care for many types of pets including dogs, cats, rabbits, pocket pets, reptiles, birds, and small farm animals.

Comprehensive Exams and Preventative Care

We prefer to perform a thorough exam every year, even if your pet hasn't been sick. During that exam, a veterinarian will assess your pet's appearance, gait, skin, eyes, ears, nose, and oral cavity. We will weigh and measure your animal and listen to its heart and lungs. We will also check other systems, as is appropriate for your pet, such as the lymphatic system.   We will perform a rectal exam for older dogs and we will check the thyroid glands in cats to ensure they aren't enlarged.  A comprehensive exam is important in preventing diseases later. We also will recommend the right type of food for your pet throughout his lifecycle, and prescribe any medications, such as heartworm preventative, that are needed at home.


We do surgeries as needed. Common surgeries include ophthalmic surgery, orthopedic surgery, surgery to remove foreign objects, wound repair, removal of tumors or growths, and elective procedures.


Vaccinations are a critical part of preventative care. Our veterinarian team can advise you on the vaccines that are important for your pet and administer the vaccines.

Pet Illness and Urgent Care

If your pet is ill, give us a call and we will see the pet as soon as possible, six days a week. We also have an emergency team, consisting of a veterinarian and several technicians, that is available to save your pet's life. Examples of emergencies include a pet being hit by a car or a pet being bitten by a snake. Please contact us immediately if your pet is experiencing an emergency.


Dental care is important for your pet's overall wellness. Poor dental health can cause or be caused by other illnesses. We provide a complete dental exam and clean, file, adjust, extract, or repair teeth as needed.

Other Services

We provide other veterinary services. These include:

  • boarding
  • grooming
  • doggie daycare
  • radiology
  • pharmacy
  • ultrasound
  • laboratory
  • food and supplies
  • dog training
  • flea and tick prevention
  • spaying and neutering

Your Franklin Veterinarian

Contact KKM Veterinary Clinic in Franklin by phone at (513) 423-2331 or online to schedule an appointment today.

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