Flea and Tick Prevention

Flea and Tick Prevention and Treatment

Fleas and ticks do more than cause irritation for your pet. These pests can also make you or your dog or cat very sick. Ideally, you will choose a veterinarian-recommended method for flea and tick prevention. But if you cannot prevent these pests from biting your pet, you can turn to us at KKM Veterinary Clinic in Franklin for tick and flea treatment.


Why Flea and Tick Prevention Is Critical to Your Cat or Dog's Health

Here in Ohio, flea and tick season lasts from March through December. During these warmer months, you need to take extra caution to keep your pet from getting bitten. Fleas and ticks can carry illnesses such as Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, plague, Lyme disease, and many others. Additionally, the discomfort from flea bites can cause dermatitis in some pets with constant scratching that can result in broken skin and infections.

Types of Tick and Flea Treatments

Medications that prevent and treat flea infestations come in many forms. If your pet needs prevention options, ask one of our veterinarians for their recommendation for your pet's lifestyle. For instance, cats need a different type of product than dogs. Never interchange dog and cat medications, even topical ones, to avoid serious side effects in your animal.

Prevention starts with your home and the areas your pet frequents. If possible, keep your animal out of heavily wooded areas where fleas and ticks live. For an active pet that goes outside regularly, ask our veterinarians about flea and tick prevention products that would work best for him. These products come in the following forms:

  • Topical: Just a few drops on your pet’s coat each month can prevent fleas and ticks from biting your cat or dog. Ask our vets which products specifically keep fleas and ticks away to get a broad-spectrum solution.
  • Spray: Like topical solutions, sprays go on your pet's coat to keep pests away for a short while.
  • Pills: If your pet needs frequent baths that would wash off a topical solution, an oral medication for preventing fleas and ticks may help.

How a Veterinarian Can Help With Flea and Tick Prevention

If you need flea and tick prevention for your pet, ask our vets about the products that work best. What worked in the past may no longer effectively keep fleas away from your animal because the fleas or ticks developed a resistance to it over time. Our veterinarians can also help your pet to stay healthy and help you with solutions if fleas do strike.

Come See Us at KKM Veterinary Clinic in Franklin

Don't let flea and tick season make your cat or dog miserable. Prevent these bugs from biting or get rid of them with the prevention and treatment options our vets recommend. To get a prescription for your pet, make an appointment with KKM Veterinary Clinic in Franklin. We're looking forward to keeping your pet healthy throughout the flea and tick season. Call (513) 423-2331 today.

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